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Springing into spring !

March 10, 2015

Several requirements for small/mini prints set me off carving lino blocks again last month – one went in the post today to the 14th Lessedra World Print Art Annual, Sofia, Bulgaria. I also had to get together a portfolio to submit to the RE at Bankside, which required half a dozen drawings in addition to prints.

Somehow I began drawing Magnolia blossoms & buds, unfurling ferns (again)……………………………………and sprouting potatoes !  . Magnolia reduction lino print 1   ???????????????????????????????

I then began interpreting the images using cut up maps as collage (for an exhibition called Reuse Refuse) Again, like the bees, things are taking on a life of their own, and it’s just what I love about this job ! It’s called inspiration, and no one knows where it will go next.

IMG_6299 1           Magnolia Blossoms mixed media low

TREE FERN  1            Sprouts finished low


Printing again .

July 28, 2011

        I’m having a great time printing at the moment – silkscreen images onto collaged   backgrounds. Monoprints really, as they are probably all going to be different.

One of the screens is the image of me when I was a harem girl, for a fancy dress party in Nigeria.  I started off with a collage of figures from old family photos, then decided it would be useful to be able to print some of the images over other ones – hence the screens.            

So, the studio was quite well-organised when I began……not any more !

I did have a good start to the week though –  steadily organising boxes and cupboards, labelling everything as I went along . Quite exciting what you come across, some stuff I havent seen for 6 months and more.

I shall endeavour to have a good selection of new work for the Palace Art Fair, in October. It seems an age away but is only  about eight or nine weeks.

I have also signed up to do the Red Cross Christmas Fair at Kensington Town Hall – so at last a possible outlet for some new jewellery and cards.

Better get busy.