And another one

February 22, 2014




Another reduction lino print completed – in two editions of 12 (one pink/purple, the other greens/browns) and varied monoprints on old documents, newspapers et

Concentrate more 2 low res      Concentrate pink low res



More Portraits

February 16, 2014
New Friend

New Friend

I am really enjoying lino printing at the moment, and have almost finished another one – also to be shown in the Espacio Gallery Portrait show 3rd-8th April.


January 26, 2014

Turn 1 Pink low res    TURN.

I have been printing the reduction lino block this week – ended up with just 3 colours. Enough !   Will now find some more faces to print, while I’m on a roll .

Portrait exploration

January 20, 2014

Turn lino block low res        Turn lino block back low res





The seaweed pictures are progressing, but I realised that I need to be     working on stuff for the FIRST exhibition, which is Portrait, at Espacio Gallery. That is coming up at the beginning of April.

I have been cutting a lino block, for the ‘Turn’ image – a reduction lino print with 5 colours. Well, that’s the plan !  I  was thrilled to see a rather ghostly image of how the first colour will look, when I turned the block over and held it up to the light.

Happy New Year.

January 1, 2014

???????????????????????????????In september we visited my brother in Baltimore, S.W. Ireland. Inspiration abounds on the beach there – beautiful rock formations, rounded pebbles and of course SEAWEEDS ! These lovely colours and shapes are the basis of some new work, that’s been simmering in my subconscious for a little while.

The past 2 days I have been cutting stencils/masks for layering in monotype printing. Well, that’s the theory ! Going to have a go on my press when we go up to Worcestershire in the coming week.

As usual I shall endeavour to post more on this blog – but I don’t DO resolutions. I shall also read more of other people’s blogs, because I do like them.

studio 2014 seaweed stencils I like to see what inspires and spurs others on.


I have two group exhibitions on the horizon, both Espacio Gallery – so need to make a start !


HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all – this coming year may you have love, health, wealth and inspiration .

Year’s end approaching !!

December 29, 2013

December sunday in London, sun beaming down. Don’t know how cold it may be as I haven’t been out today, but the sun’s brilliance is inspiring me to get some work done.

The first show on my calendar is the Portrait Exhibition at Espacio Gallery, beginning of April 2014, but I seem to have bypassed that momentarily and am thinking about the seaweed works for the Chelsea Fringe show – Second Nature – also at Espacio. One of these days I may be able to do things sensibly in order !!!


Missing…but in action !

October 5, 2013

BusyI am again horrified that I have not posted anything on this blog since January. I think this is what happens when you get involved in other social-media websites –

something gets left behind and consequently forgotten.

It’s been a very busy couple of weeks – I have just finished help hang the second Espacio Gallery Print Fair, at our cooperative gallery in the East end of London. It was really well received on the opening night, thursday.

Next weekend I shall be showing my work in our flat at Olympia –  the 2nd weekend of the new KFOS (Kensington & Fulham Open Studios) with Sally Grumbridge (paintings & Prints also) and Louise Richards (Jewellery). Went to the opening last night by visiting two nearby venues, to see the work of Leigh Glover (Holland Pk) and Liz Elmhirst (Earl’s Ct) both showing stunning work. What hidden gems there are around.


January 6, 2013

I am so pleased that the work I have been doing, over several years now, is all coming together and some of it will be shown in May. I am organising an exhibition at the Espacio Gallery, May 22nd-June 4th, in conjunction with the Chelsea Fringe Festival. All very exciting. It a project that my daughter  Lucy got involved with, when it began last year, and is again on the organising team. So I have put out an Open Call to artists, working in any medium, with work that fits the ‘organic’ them. It will make life easier if artists are London-based of course, but people seem willing to travel fairly far afield .

Bud 2                         Bud 1










These two ‘Bud’ pictures are painted canvas reliefs. They were initially part of a triptych, and framed in tiny  black  box frames. Not easy to hang from the gallery display wires – very small frames are always a problem, as they don’t hang straight. So I have ‘re-purposed’ them. That sounds like an Americanism to me, but I’m sure you get the gist. They are now  ‘growing’ out of a bigger background canvas. I have another,  slightly larger 3D canvas  somewhere, which I must try and find – to give it a new lease of life.   It’s funny how sometimes it takes years before pieces of work finally get to their finishing point.

Otherwise they  a) get cut up and recycled into to other works or b) go to the charity shop.

I even saw an old lino print of mine on ebay, last autumn, going for the princely sum of £9.95 with complete Biography attached.    Eeeeh, I’ve arrived !

Year’s End and new adventures on the horizon.

December 30, 2012

It is about 3 months since I posted on this blog, and I have no excuses….apart from lack of time. As I always promise at the end of the year – I WILL do better. Exciting things are already afoot for 2013, beginning with a 36 day trip away to Australia and UAE. We return through Dubai, where we will stay with our dear friends. Really looking forward to that

I already have a few art events pencilled in, the main one being a show that I am organising at our Espacio Gallery, in conjunction  with the Chelsea Fringe Festival.  My latest papercuts will also fit in well with the organic/nature/plant/growth theme.

In fact I have become much more involved with Espacio, the artists’ cooperative that I joined last year – which is inevitable and absolutely necessary. I organised an Arts & Crafts Fair at the beginning of December, which earned quite a few pennies for the gallery coffers. It was called ‘Splendid Stuff’ – like the home/studio sales I used to have in Abu Dhabi – usually shared by Dubai artist judy Roberts.

I would like to wish everyone a healthy and Happy new Year…………………….watch this space !

Tangled webs we print !

September 5, 2012

Tangle 1Having set up my printmaking station , in the garage in Malvern, I am now really on a roll  !!  But it’s a good job I had brought back all my stock of unused papers, from Abu Dhabi, because if I’d had to buy the amount that I have just used up….It would have cost a small fortune!  I’ve been printing etching plates (old and new), silkscreen prints and then monotypes….which I love. Painting and printmaking combined – heaven ! I’m now back in London and over the past couple of days these have branched out (haha) into papercut monotypes, and I have to admit I’ve got rather carried away.

Tangle 2         ???????????????????????????????

I’ve been cutting pieces out of the prints and interweaving them together.  It’s exactly what I love about this  job – the freedom to try something – it might work, or not. Nothing to lose, apart from time, and who knows where this might go.