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Year’s end approaching !!

December 29, 2013

December sunday in London, sun beaming down. Don’t know how cold it may be as I haven’t been out today, but the sun’s brilliance is inspiring me to get some work done.

The first show on my calendar is the Portrait Exhibition at Espacio Gallery, beginning of April 2014, but I seem to have bypassed that momentarily and am thinking about the seaweed works for the Chelsea Fringe show – Second Nature – also at Espacio. One of these days I may be able to do things sensibly in order !!!



Year’s End and new adventures on the horizon.

December 30, 2012

It is about 3 months since I posted on this blog, and I have no excuses….apart from lack of time. As I always promise at the end of the year – I WILL do better. Exciting things are already afoot for 2013, beginning with a 36 day trip away to Australia and UAE. We return through Dubai, where we will stay with our dear friends. Really looking forward to that

I already have a few art events pencilled in, the main one being a show that I am organising at our Espacio Gallery, in conjunction  with the Chelsea Fringe Festival.  My latest papercuts will also fit in well with the organic/nature/plant/growth theme.

In fact I have become much more involved with Espacio, the artists’ cooperative that I joined last year – which is inevitable and absolutely necessary. I organised an Arts & Crafts Fair at the beginning of December, which earned quite a few pennies for the gallery coffers. It was called ‘Splendid Stuff’ – like the home/studio sales I used to have in Abu Dhabi – usually shared by Dubai artist judy Roberts.

I would like to wish everyone a healthy and Happy new Year…………………….watch this space !

Artspeak-Bunkum !

June 15, 2011

Have just read a review on the Artslant home page, by Mara Goldwyn,  about some piece of work called ‘and justice for all’. In my opinion it is artspeak twaddle of the highest order – what a load of nonsense some people spout, and it makes me quite angry.

Conceptual art has been around a long time – it was developing fast when I was at Liverpool College of Art in the early 70’s – and it hasn’t improved in the intervening years ! One of my peers at that time, for his monthly ‘exhibition project/piece of work’, wrote the time in felt pen for a whole  hour over the walls of the sculpture school entrance. ie. One fifty nine and twelve seconds, one fifty nine and thirteen seconds….etc etc. I cant remember what ‘artspeak’ explanation he tried to hoodwink the tutors with, but I’m sure they fell for it. Doesn’t anyone realise it’s all ‘the Emperors new clothes’ ??  It’s lacking in substance,  visual or otherwise, and IT’s BORING !!! I have always maintained that any piece of visual art should speak for itself and not require claptrap explanations to convince the viewer.

Full of Eastern Promise.

May 13, 2011

Salome Smith. Kano, N.Nigeria, c. 1957

Retrospection is an amazing thing – little did I know when I was standing in the queue, at a birthday party in 1957 that my costume would sum me up for the future ! How could I know that Islamic countries and middle eastern figures would feature so prominently in my chosen career ? How would I know that, 54 years down the line, I would be an artist interested in images from that era and that region ? How would I know that technology could have progressed to the stage it has, and I am sharing with a completely anonymous world what I think ? Wierd or what ??  (Smith was my maiden name by the way – I’ve been Beaumont now just longer than I was a Smith. )
By the way – Thankyou, Mum for the costume it looks fabulous !

Sunny days

April 23, 2011
Royal biscuits

Just bought two tins of M & S biscuits  in celebration tins, designed by our Abu Dhabi upstairs neighbour, Kate Forrester. She does fabulous papercut designs  and these ones are just perfect for the Royal Wedding of the year, next friday.

We’re off to Ireland, (  and have been told we can celebrate, ‘quietly’, by my brother – so have only bought a bit of bunting and some union jack table napkins…….and the biscuits…….and……
The sunny days of the past week finished dramatically this evening, with a thunder storm of epic proportions. It ricocheted off the new leaves in the park and really cleared the air – so much for smog, not any more !!
I have been accepted to do the
Palace Art Fair (Fulham Palace 6-9th October)
and will have a really good sized space. Just need to sell some work now to cover
all the mounting expenses !


December 16, 2010

A well-known Dubai gallery contacted me a couple of weeks ago, wanting prices and sizes of a few works, for an interiors project. Earlier this week they sent a spreadsheet with 3 of my etchings on,with quoted prices and sizes saying they had landed the job and we’re in business. Great, bit of extra cash in time for Christmas ! Shame it’s always last-minute stuff, but this whole country seems to fly by the seat of the pants.                     However, I noticed that the spreadsheet sizes of 2 of the etchings were vastly different from the sizes I gave them – almost twice as big in fact, so I told them so.

Now comes the disturbing bit – yesterday I got a phone call from someone at the gallery asking if I could possibly just scan the etchings and print bigger copies ?  Er..NO… Was my answer. Presumably they were just going to fob off the client with a copy computer print instead of an original etching, for the same price. I dont think so. Havent heard anything since – they are obviously trying to work out how they are going to get themselves out of this pickle – what’s the betting the story goes like this…..” Well, the artist quoted us the wrong sizes…..”

I wonder how many other ‘Original prints’ in these public spaces are photocopies ?

 UPDATE : The Dubai gallery in point contacted me again, now requesting a discount of 20% – I agreed to 10% – no mention of their sizes error. Now that I dont trust them, I stipulated that the copyright is mine and I do not give permission for them to reproduce the etchings in any size or form.

Double-update : This is the last posting about said gallery ! Had a rather huffy reply to my stipulation about them NOT having permission to reproduce said etchings -‘we are a reputable gallery, and would NEVER ask to copy anyone’s work’…..What ?? They just did !!  I deliver the works, with 10% discount, after Xmas…and I shouldnt think I’ll hear anything from them ever again. Probably for the best. 

Back again

October 2, 2010

Sorry for the gap in posts, been to UK for about three and a half weeks , so really need to get stuck into work now.

Havent done anything for a couple of months, which is not good.  No good resting on laurels of recent successes (actually sold the ‘Stairs to Nowhere’ in the Cork St. Open !!) Ideas are swirling, and I’m about to venture into the studio to tidy up (story of my life !!)


Feast or famine.

July 16, 2010

Boy am I on a roll…..I hate it when I get this busy but it is so rewarding when efforts pay off.  In May I sent 2 more etchings off to the A4Print competition in Cornwall, and just heard they’ve been accepted for the exhibition – possibly going on to New Zealand next spring. So that’s a great reward. Judging is in late August.

I am now in the middle of a design job for some Art Consultants in the States, who tracked me down, somehow. They needed someone with textile design experience, and influenced by the Middle East, to do interiors work for a new Abu Dhabi Hotel. Another Hotel, what a surprise !  I first heard from them , over a month ago, but things went quiet while finances were sorted out. A couple of days ago I got the go-ahead to get on with it…and now speed is the essence.  The bad news is I have to finish it in two weeks.

What else…oh yes….I’m also a 4th Showcase winner on Artslant. So in the winners enclosure twice this year. Right, enough boasting for one day, but I am just so pleased !

I had infact just started to get stuck into some collagraphs to do with ‘growth/decay’, a theme  that I first started working on a couple of years ago – so that’s on hold for now.   As I said…watch this space.

January 12, 2010


We had a super snowy time in the UK and are back  in Abu Dhabi – renewed and revitalised, and ready to get on with some work.

Possible move to Qatar reared its head a day or so ago, but after research on the net we very quickly decided ‘No’ . Looking at Google Earth it appears to be like Jubail, Saudi, was when we went there 30 years ago ! Vast open spaces of sand and compound-housing. Forget it, been there, done that.   Definitely not looking for a new, pioneering,  lifestyle this late in life. 

Starting to plan for Chelsea Untitled Artists fair, beginning of June.

Nothing else on the calendar apart from that, but things change here pretty swiftly, everything seems to be done at the last minute.

 Why dont  people plan ahead ?

Breathtaking horsemen

October 3, 2009

Yesterday we went to the ‘Musical Ride’ of the Household Cavalry, put on as part of the Hunting & Falconry show at the exhibition centre. The organisation was faultless, the show was exciting, dramatic, and breathtakingly wonderful……and it made me cry. The stirring music and sight of those superb horsement from home, was just too much ! At the very end, after the main finale of the troop marching off, two pairs of riders with giant standards – one Union Jack and one UAE  flag – raced off at breakneck speed.  Just marvellous.