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Popped -Up !!

December 2, 2011

The Christmas Boutique that my daughter Lucy has set up, was miraculously put together in THREE days, and opened last night. I wondered why these ventures were called ‘Pop-Up’ !! About 60 people came for drinks and delicious nibbles, and actually spent a bit of money on  our goodies – many thanks everyone. Today it opened to the general public, and apparently one chap ‘popped in’ only minutes after opening and snapped up two knitted cotton bags, by the Cutout Girls. He had been watching our setting-up progress, with interest apparently.

We have handmade cards, silver jewellery with freshwater pearls and semi-precious beads, brass bookmarks that your Dad or Grandfather would really like, some superb vintage silk scarves at only 10 quid (there’s even a Louis Feraud 1970’s one), embossed metal cards and tree decs from Nicaragua…… fact there might be new things coming in every day . There are also a few Steampunk bracelets when I  can find them !

Thursday evening it’s open til 8pm, and in the ‘events’ area, on the  lower floor, there are planned poetry readings and  music. We were so pleased that Charlotte Reed came to sing last night, accompanied by her boyfriend (from the group 80 Quid) They were both terrific and it gave the basement a Speakeasy atmosphere !!

Saturday afternoons there are planned creative workshops – cardmaking, collage etc….


Ready or not …

June 15, 2011

I’ve been so industrious over the past couple of days, tailor-making decent padded bags for all the pictures going round to Louise Mock’s, for the open studios weekend. Should have done it ages ago – will make transporting and packing up so fast. Yaay!

That’s if anything’s left of course, I’m always an optimist. Which is a good job because last sunday’s Carnival Fair at Orleans House was almost washed away ! Us craftpeople were in a small marquee, which was great, but I felt so sorry for the dancers and stage performers trying to keep a brave face. They did a good job and although attendance was obviously down on last year, those of us that were there had a great time.

The Richard Dadd exhibition in the main gallery is well worth a visit – I hadnt realised how small his paintings are, and they are watercolours not oils. Beautiful draughtsmanship.

No room…no room…

March 2, 2011

Well, it all arrived on thursday, the whole container was selected for xray by customs, so nothing actually rifled through – 148 boxes, none particularly small and some the size of the dining table ! It filled my father-in-law’s garage to the rafters. Although I thought I was pretty efficient in ticking off the box numbers, and saying ‘to the left’ or ‘right’ as it was wheeled into the garage – once it became a solid mass of stuff, 4 or 5 boxes high, it’s now almost impossible to find what we want . Hugely frustrating.    Managed to find 2 work tables for the studio, my tin of oil paints, and a couple of folios of work (not the work I really NEED, I might add) and packed it all into the car (new acquisition) to return to London.  On serious reflection I think the etching press will have to stay in the garage for now, it’s just so big.   Husband’s just fitting a blind to the newly-painted window of my studio (was spare bedroom), then this afternoon I shall unpack the tables and few boxes……and move off the dining table.         Need to finish the bird-document paintings – at least the box with the lino bird-blocks was found.

Keep an eye on the new year !

December 30, 2010

This is a really fun site to play on –  Go on, have a go !

Rummagers rule…….stocks replenished !

March 6, 2010

Yesterday we decided to go for a drive, and find a bit of countryside !  Well, we actually headed for a bit of

beach, about an hour south of Abu Dhabi, where the kite surfers go – there were 4 or 5 already there when we arrived, and 8 skimming the waves as we left. My main reason for going was to find more pieces of broken coral, that I have used in bracelets in the past. The large pile that I discovered previously had been distributed along the beach, but not a problem – I came away with a fabulous stash, and lots of stones with holes in (all stones with holes come from China, according to a documentary I saw once !)

I only have 2 of these Beachcomber bracelets left so they are on the to-do list……with everything else. Work is progressing very erratically at present, I still seem to be dabbling in too many different things. I shall concentrate on finishing the few items that need doing for a Craft Fair in two weeks time. So,  these bracelets and the brass bookmarks with charms dangling off….and I really need to print some etchings……and …..and…….. 

Story of my life.

        Click on the pic for a bigger view

……ready or not…here they come….

November 30, 2009

I’ve made eleven of them now…it’s quite hard to stop.

I organise the beads into colours, find a few interesting odd bits to go with them, rummage for a few more beads, then link them together with wires….but there are always some left over……so I then add a few more beads, in a different colour-way, link them together etc…but there are always a few left over…………………………conspiring against me, obviously.

I’m going to do some necklaces using ALL rusty objects.


November 26, 2009

Well, to say I’ve been busy would be the understatement of the decade.  Sold a couple of works at the Gwynfa Gallery show, covered costs but not a rip roaring success. I forgot to mention that I quit the Fanaan group, after the October show. Some of them self-serving people who arent even friendly – life is competitive enough so why on earth would I want to hang out with them ?  I dont need that nonsense in my life. So I am Fanaan-free and it’s a relief !

It is now the season of Bazaars – and the world and his daft dog are jumping on the bandwagon with last minute plans. The municipality even announced, last night, they are looking for ‘talented artists’ for a big Art-Souk/Festival to take place along the other end of the corniche – wait for it…..starting today…..until January 2nd. What ? I dont think so.

Actually I’ve been having a very ‘crafty’ couple of weeks – made 12 Curio Keys, with their colourful threads, beads  and charms hanging off. While all the ‘stuff’ was out on view I decided to make some necklaces with a similar feel. The palm of my hand hurts now though, from the little pliers, with squeezing the jump rings together. I have used some of the rolled silk beads I made, ages ago ( not my idea I hasten to add – from an old Stampington Workshop magazine I think.) 

I wrap wire around them attaching small beads as I go.

Rolled silk tubes awaiting decoration

 Lot of work really, as I dye the silk too. Anyone would think I’d got all the time in the world !   

The necklaces are made up with felt beads, semi-precious stones, handmade glass beads, sections of vintage necklaces or chains etc – a great way of incorpoating one-offs.

Three made so far......... and I love them !


September 30, 2009

I make other stuff apart from art, and have done for as long as I can remember. My Mum is very creative, so when I was growing up in the middle of nowhere, in Nigeria, she came up with ideas to help me pass the afternoons when school work was done. She actually taught me  FLOWER BROOCHfor four years. Difficult sometimes – a real battle of wills ! She’s a textile artist and always making something – it would be great if I could get some photos of the things she produced at Goldsmiths, to put on this blog. They’re in her attic.                     This assemblage brooch went to a friend in the north of England.Curio keys 2                                                             When I lived in Tangier, before returning to Abu Dhabi, I used to find some fabulous stuff at the flea market, Casabarata.  It’s one of the things I really miss. There’s nothing old in A.D. – things are replaced/refurbished/upgraded before they even begin to get any interesting patina . At Casabarata I collected a pile of big old doorkeys, rusty and wonderful. Didn’t know what do do with them for ages, then decided to hang various charms, stones, shells, bits, off colourful threads or natural wools that I dyed in rainbow colours. People liked them. I suggested hanging their own relics on them too. A well-known actor bought two a couple of years ago, at the Textile Fair in Olympia, London. Wonder what he did with them. I only have one left at present, so that’s on my to-do list.