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January 6, 2013

I am so pleased that the work I have been doing, over several years now, is all coming together and some of it will be shown in May. I am organising an exhibition at the Espacio Gallery, May 22nd-June 4th, in conjunction with the Chelsea Fringe Festival. All very exciting. It a project that my daughter  Lucy got involved with, when it began last year, and is again on the organising team. So I have put out an Open Call to artists, working in any medium, with work that fits the ‘organic’ them. It will make life easier if artists are London-based of course, but people seem willing to travel fairly far afield .

Bud 2                         Bud 1










These two ‘Bud’ pictures are painted canvas reliefs. They were initially part of a triptych, and framed in tiny  black  box frames. Not easy to hang from the gallery display wires – very small frames are always a problem, as they don’t hang straight. So I have ‘re-purposed’ them. That sounds like an Americanism to me, but I’m sure you get the gist. They are now  ‘growing’ out of a bigger background canvas. I have another,  slightly larger 3D canvas  somewhere, which I must try and find – to give it a new lease of life.   It’s funny how sometimes it takes years before pieces of work finally get to their finishing point.

Otherwise they  a) get cut up and recycled into to other works or b) go to the charity shop.

I even saw an old lino print of mine on ebay, last autumn, going for the princely sum of £9.95 with complete Biography attached.    Eeeeh, I’ve arrived !