Tangled webs we print !

Tangle 1Having set up my printmaking station , in the garage in Malvern, I am now really on a roll  !!  But it’s a good job I had brought back all my stock of unused papers, from Abu Dhabi, because if I’d had to buy the amount that I have just used up….It would have cost a small fortune!  I’ve been printing etching plates (old and new), silkscreen prints and then monotypes….which I love. Painting and printmaking combined – heaven ! I’m now back in London and over the past couple of days these have branched out (haha) into papercut monotypes, and I have to admit I’ve got rather carried away.

Tangle 2         ???????????????????????????????

I’ve been cutting pieces out of the prints and interweaving them together.  It’s exactly what I love about this  job – the freedom to try something – it might work, or not. Nothing to lose, apart from time, and who knows where this might go.


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