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New Year’s Reflections

January 21, 2012

 This year I decided NOT to take too much on, so that I would have more time to paint and print. But what’s the saying about ‘good intentions ‘ ?

Although I have mountains of unsold work, and some of it still unseen by UK  buyers, I wanted  to have new work for the Artists at Home, Open Studios event, in June.  Once that was decided there seems to be no stopping !   For quite a while now I’ve been interested in ‘reflections’  and posted some of the water pictures I did .  I have just finished a  32 page sketchbook, as part of one of the projects for the Brooklyn Art Library ( and it sparked off a whole series of ideas from photographs and collages.

In February I am taking part in a collective show with Espacio Nomadic at the Menier Gallery in Southwark, March I hope to have a couple of pieces in the Friends of Holland park annual event,  May I’m doing the Parallax Art Fair again (now at to Chelsea Town Hall – smart move !)  and then that brings me to the Open Studios in June…….no pressure then.