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Six days…..

September 30, 2011

    Just 6 days to go til I set up at the Palace Art Fair, next thursday.

I have quite a big space, and over the past week I’ve been finishing off  and framing up a few new pieces. I actually hung 28 works at the Untitled Fair, in a slightly smaller space, but perhaps this time I can give the pictures a bit of breathing space.

They seem to be doing a very good job with publicising the event, and I have spotted adverts in most of the major art publications – thankyou for that.

When I originally applied to exhibit , I thought it might be a bit cold in October in a big marquee, in the Fulham Palace garden…..but we’re having an Indian summer, so it might be rather nice.

Now, what shall I wear………….


Recycling old work

September 22, 2011

  This is the new ‘Souk’ screenprint over the top of an old sugar-lift etching that I did about thirteen years ago !  (left)   I also printed it over a collage of newspaper pictures . 

Nice surprise

September 22, 2011

I am pleased to report that I am in the Winners Showcase, again, on Artslant – that’s the fourth time.

French Laundry Etching with watercolour

It’s only just dawned on me that this picture has got ‘washing’ in too – anyone would think I was obsessed with the stuff. If the truth be known,  I would happily only do the laundry when there’s nothing left in the wardrobe to wear !!

Today, I have been pleased with the different backgrounds that I’ve screenprinted the ‘souk crowd’ onto. I did in fact mess up a few old etchings yesterday, that I was recycling, but today worked out.   Yaaay.

More lines !

September 20, 2011

Haven’t really done any work for a week or so, as there have been more pressing things to be dealt with. Like my husband’s hip replacement ! He watched a film of the whole procedure, online, to get himself prepared…..needless to say, I didn’t !  He’s doing brilliantly – 5 days after the op and he’s home, up 66 stairs to the 3rd floor. Today, down those same stairs, and walked around the block .  Bionic or what !

So I painted another washing line, to get back into work mode !


September 8, 2011

I seem to have a liking for washing lines ! Dont ask me why – I just like the look of those straight lines straining with colourful garments . Tangier balconies and rooftops were teaming with them , but I haven’t seen the likes in England until I went over to Southwark a while ago. I was en route to the Intaglio Printmaker shop and spied a hidden courtyard block of flats, with washing hanging on almost every balcony. Fabulous !    For the past week or so I’ve been working on some screenprints, on collage backgrounds,  of washing .(in the vein of the last ‘Souk’ pictures).

WASHING Oil on board