Artspeak-Bunkum !

Have just read a review on the Artslant home page, by Mara Goldwyn,  about some piece of work called ‘and justice for all’. In my opinion it is artspeak twaddle of the highest order – what a load of nonsense some people spout, and it makes me quite angry.

Conceptual art has been around a long time – it was developing fast when I was at Liverpool College of Art in the early 70’s – and it hasn’t improved in the intervening years ! One of my peers at that time, for his monthly ‘exhibition project/piece of work’, wrote the time in felt pen for a whole  hour over the walls of the sculpture school entrance. ie. One fifty nine and twelve seconds, one fifty nine and thirteen seconds….etc etc. I cant remember what ‘artspeak’ explanation he tried to hoodwink the tutors with, but I’m sure they fell for it. Doesn’t anyone realise it’s all ‘the Emperors new clothes’ ??  It’s lacking in substance,  visual or otherwise, and IT’s BORING !!! I have always maintained that any piece of visual art should speak for itself and not require claptrap explanations to convince the viewer.


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