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Full of Eastern Promise.

May 13, 2011

Salome Smith. Kano, N.Nigeria, c. 1957

Retrospection is an amazing thing – little did I know when I was standing in the queue, at a birthday party in 1957 that my costume would sum me up for the future ! How could I know that Islamic countries and middle eastern figures would feature so prominently in my chosen career ? How would I know that, 54 years down the line, I would be an artist interested in images from that era and that region ? How would I know that technology could have progressed to the stage it has, and I am sharing with a completely anonymous world what I think ? Wierd or what ??  (Smith was my maiden name by the way – I’ve been Beaumont now just longer than I was a Smith. )
By the way – Thankyou, Mum for the costume it looks fabulous !

Printmakers Council Group exhibition

May 10, 2011

At last one of the events is on the horizon – I’m helping hang the PMC exhibition on May 17th, in a superb space on the first floor of the Bhavan Centre. It’s just off the North End Rd, on the border of Fulham and W. Kensington.  It will be so good to finally get some work on a wall somewhere , I seem to be planning all sorts and this is the first.

Had a fabulous trip to Ireland, and the weather was kind most of the time. Strange to be in such an underpopulated part of the world – only 3 million in the whole of Eire and 250 in Baltimore (in the summer, with the sun shining ??) I took a batch of inspirational photos of big rusty chains, and rusty corrugated iron huts…..even brought a few small metal finds back. Well, you never know when they’ll come in handy !