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Sunny days

April 23, 2011
Royal biscuits

Just bought two tins of M & S biscuits  in celebration tins, designed by our Abu Dhabi upstairs neighbour, Kate Forrester. She does fabulous papercut designs  and these ones are just perfect for the Royal Wedding of the year, next friday.

We’re off to Ireland, (  and have been told we can celebrate, ‘quietly’, by my brother – so have only bought a bit of bunting and some union jack table napkins…….and the biscuits…….and……
The sunny days of the past week finished dramatically this evening, with a thunder storm of epic proportions. It ricocheted off the new leaves in the park and really cleared the air – so much for smog, not any more !!
I have been accepted to do the
Palace Art Fair (Fulham Palace 6-9th October)
and will have a really good sized space. Just need to sell some work now to cover
all the mounting expenses !

Carnival – Bazaar

April 18, 2011

Earrings with silver and semi-precious stones

Orleans House, Riverside, Twickenham  – June 12th 1pm-5pm    Carnival and Craft stalls

with the theme ‘Journeys ‘ (to go with the exhibition in the Octagon room). I shall be having a stall there, to sell some Middle Eastern delights – decorated boxes, cards, jewellery  (see Nov.26th 2009 & March 6th 2010 posts) maybe a couple of small prints if there’s room.

Back to painting

April 16, 2011

I decided to try and get some work done this week, that has nothing to do with Arabs, turbans, palm trees or camels.  I have 2 group shows and an Art Fair coming up in the next few months, and we are in England after all , and the locals might not be interested in my vast stock of work to date. I hope they will find it a bit different, but you never know.

     I found some watercolour boards that I brought home, so rustled up a still life with a bowl and vintage  scarf – has birds on, what a surprise !   I’m now in the middle of another one, with some different Moroccan pots, but I quite fancy doing a big colourful lino print of the first.  Popped along the road to Cass Art to get some big lino blocks – fatal, came away with far more than intended and spent £57.    Love that shop.

useful prints

April 2, 2011

This is a lino print I did some time ago – actually it’s a recycled re-print done from a block I carved in Saudi about 30 years ago !  I am waiting to hear whether the Atlanta interiors company would like some 4ft 3″ stencilled panels done, based on this image. They are waiting to hear from the Abu Dhabi client of course, so no wonder everything is taking frustratingly forever !!  I suppose it’s a year since they first contacted me about work, and so far I’ve completed 4 pieces for them, but I certainly couldnt support myself on that ! A couple of months ago they were enquiring about using 11 or 12 images, but by the beginning of March it was down to one only, which they will get reproduced for 14 hotel suites.  Still I love doing it, and hopefully more will keep coming. I just sent the  little ‘Sentinel Palm’ painting (April 22nd 2010 post) by DHL and it was delivered the next afternoon.