Date palm prints

I cant go for long, without having to print !    

Fine, but my press is in the garage in Malvern, hemmed in by 100 boxes still. We have transported two carloads back to London, so far, and my studio in the spare room is now feeling like home. When there’s room, I could make a printmaking work-station in the garage, but until then I am back to basics, hand-printing lino blocks.   I bought a stock of waterbased inks from Cornelissen, I know it’s good to be green and all that, but I dont like them as much as oil based ones.

I heard that I have been selected to do the Parallax Art Fair (July 7th-10th) at La Galleria, just off the Haymarket.  So events are gradually materialising on the wall-planner, and I am really looking forward to that.

Also doing the open studios weekend, for W.London, June 17th-19th.


Printmakers Council show, ‘Eastern Light’,

Bhavan Centre, Castletown Rd W14, 18th-23rd May.                                                                          



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