A well-known Dubai gallery contacted me a couple of weeks ago, wanting prices and sizes of a few works, for an interiors project. Earlier this week they sent a spreadsheet with 3 of my etchings on,with quoted prices and sizes saying they had landed the job and we’re in business. Great, bit of extra cash in time for Christmas ! Shame it’s always last-minute stuff, but this whole country seems to fly by the seat of the pants.                     However, I noticed that the spreadsheet sizes of 2 of the etchings were vastly different from the sizes I gave them – almost twice as big in fact, so I told them so.

Now comes the disturbing bit – yesterday I got a phone call from someone at the gallery asking if I could possibly just scan the etchings and print bigger copies ?  Er..NO… Was my answer. Presumably they were just going to fob off the client with a copy computer print instead of an original etching, for the same price. I dont think so. Havent heard anything since – they are obviously trying to work out how they are going to get themselves out of this pickle – what’s the betting the story goes like this…..” Well, the artist quoted us the wrong sizes…..”

I wonder how many other ‘Original prints’ in these public spaces are photocopies ?

 UPDATE : The Dubai gallery in point contacted me again, now requesting a discount of 20% – I agreed to 10% – no mention of their sizes error. Now that I dont trust them, I stipulated that the copyright is mine and I do not give permission for them to reproduce the etchings in any size or form.

Double-update : This is the last posting about said gallery ! Had a rather huffy reply to my stipulation about them NOT having permission to reproduce said etchings -‘we are a reputable gallery, and would NEVER ask to copy anyone’s work’…..What ?? They just did !!  I deliver the works, with 10% discount, after Xmas…and I shouldnt think I’ll hear anything from them ever again. Probably for the best. 


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