Pig in Muck

That’s a polite title ! In other words I am having a whale of a time ‘playing’ with the tags, and other bits of artwork that need recycling.

Painted canvas-board background with tags (cut up etchings and other printed bits) hanging off a rusty branch of wire. The same sort of rusty branch that I bent into the bird-cage shapes.

In fact I think I need to walk round to the supermarket,  to see what other treasure awaits on the ground !

Just finished a two day Open Studio event here, which turned out to be a bit of a success. I had half-price blue dots on a lot of repro prints, and some etchings and collagraphs – so it was interesting to see what people are inspired to buy…..if the price is less.  Sold a couple of the new little Turban paintings too.          Judy Roberts, from Dubai, was also here with her stuff.

As we will finally be leaving Abu Dhabi in January, I am already trying to make contacts with places in London. Have signed up for the Artist at Home, Open Studio event, for Hammersmith, Chiswick and Shepherds Bush area, for next June. Fortunately our street just comes on the bottom right corner of their map. I shall also submit to the Cork St. Open again when that comes around.

Studio space will be the only problem, even though we have a spare bedroom in our apartment . It is carpetted and , being high on the 3rd floor, I’m not sure about having my whacking great etching press in there. Hmmm.


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