Sentinel fan palm ink & bleach

Fan palms are featuring a lot these days – I love them.  

Very little of Abu Dhabi vegetation is natural, it is all planted and irrigated. It is moved, discarded or transplanted on a whim, depending on the current beautification ‘plan’ of the municipality. Sometimes I find obviously well-established trees, in the back streets,  that have been allowed to develop at will – tumbling, ragged, mis-shapen – REAL. Near the Thrift shop, where I work sometimes, there are old villas (25 years !) and some of them have fabulous sentinel fan palms, with ragged skirts of untrimmed leaves. One of the small villas has just been flattened……….god knows what will be built in its place. Another space has also been cleared around the corner. I feel sad for the peaceful neighbourhood – it’s about to change. When building starts, it starts with a vengeance – all day , every day and sometimes  all night too. Time is money, of course. Progress is relentless and there is no thought for those living nearby. Tough.

I have always wondered how these really tall thin trees stay upright – think of the palms in Miami –  they dont have deep root balls .


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