Good-day Sunshine

Ancestry etching & watercolour

Still very busy  printing  – long may it continue .

I seem to have a list of shows that I want to submit for, including the A4 Printmaking Open, in Falmouth. There are also two open submissions for the Orleans House Gallery, in Richmond, where our Lucy works.  Working in that gallery is definitely doing her good, as she is also being inspired to submit work for various shows, elsewhere  –

                                   makes me so proud.

The etchings I have been working on this week are solar-plates – and of course there have been storms and overcast days this week ! Always the way, but I got there in the end.


2 Responses to “Good-day Sunshine”

  1. kirstyfliesfree Says:

    does this work include photographic pieces? I love the effect – especially the positioning and the contrast in size of the figures.

  2. Tania Says:

    Yes, it’s a solar-plate etching. (I produced a collage of two transparencies , developed onto a photographic intaglio plate with Abu Dhabi sunshine ! ) I then added watercolour.
    It’s proving to be a bit uncontrollable, exposure times are very short, about 1minute 45 secs, but I’m still learning about solarplates, and wasting as many as are successful !
    I love printmaking, it’s slow …but an exciting medium. Thankyou for the encouragement.

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