New turbans

People ask me if I do portraits – I reply that I dont particularly like doing them but will at a push ………………………….but if I look through what I’m doing at any one time there are often faces involved ! 


…..wrapped with veils or turbans.   These are small 20cm square canvas’s – in progress.  I’m always coming across fabulous looking faces/turbans in the street and never have my camera of course. It’s intriguing to watch people fidgeting with head or face-wraps – it’s not only women that constantly rearrange their veils. I love the Tuareg use of wrapping to keep the sand out.

I did a series of monotype faces a while ago, and still have a couple left. They have collaged vellum and silk on top……so another tangent I could go back off on…

The bird-cage turban has been on my mind for a few days now – I just need to do it. It’s finding the press under all the grot, that’s the problem, as usual.  I need to remember  – IT IS NOT A SHELF !


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