Rummagers rule…….stocks replenished !

Yesterday we decided to go for a drive, and find a bit of countryside !  Well, we actually headed for a bit of

beach, about an hour south of Abu Dhabi, where the kite surfers go – there were 4 or 5 already there when we arrived, and 8 skimming the waves as we left. My main reason for going was to find more pieces of broken coral, that I have used in bracelets in the past. The large pile that I discovered previously had been distributed along the beach, but not a problem – I came away with a fabulous stash, and lots of stones with holes in (all stones with holes come from China, according to a documentary I saw once !)

I only have 2 of these Beachcomber bracelets left so they are on the to-do list……with everything else. Work is progressing very erratically at present, I still seem to be dabbling in too many different things. I shall concentrate on finishing the few items that need doing for a Craft Fair in two weeks time. So,  these bracelets and the brass bookmarks with charms dangling off….and I really need to print some etchings……and …..and…….. 

Story of my life.

        Click on the pic for a bigger view


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