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Free as…..

March 31, 2010

Seem to have printed and cut out hundreds of birds, but it’s probably about 60.

They are part of an ongoing birds and cages theme, and these are called ‘Free as..’

Funny how themes recur – well, no, I think  it’s inevitable – what’s in my subconscious just gets rearranged  and recycled every now and then. There’s such a lot of ‘stuff’ in there now I might as well get use out of some of it ! About 12 years ago I got back into etching, first time since college. Did a master class at Chelsea College with Sue Andrae and this ,  ‘Worth two in the bush’ was one of the first to come out of it-  I also had a thing about topiary bushes, so those are there too.    Bought a big press in Dubai, in 2003 I think, and havent looked back. It’s a big bit of kit to lug around the world and god knows what I’ll do with it when we finally go back to London. But it’s coming with me !

Worth two in the bush 1998 etching & aquatint


Wire words

March 27, 2010

Well have had a wonderful afternoon, up to my ears in black ink !  I finally cleared the press off and did some experimental printing of some of the wire things. The birdcage printed OK apart from the top knot of wire which was too thick and rucked the paper. That’s been remedied.  I shall cut some bird silhouettes out of ephemera or monotypes to chine colle underneath when I print.

I made some wire words out of some of the long pieces of rusty wire, inked up with scrim.   Bit messy –

Wireword prints

 but isnt everything that’s fun ?

 The image on the left shows the print with some of the wirewords alongside. So easy – you just flip the words over to ink them up.

a bigger picture

March 26, 2010

You can click on each image for a larger view

New turbans

March 26, 2010

People ask me if I do portraits – I reply that I dont particularly like doing them but will at a push ………………………….but if I look through what I’m doing at any one time there are often faces involved ! 


…..wrapped with veils or turbans.   These are small 20cm square canvas’s – in progress.  I’m always coming across fabulous looking faces/turbans in the street and never have my camera of course. It’s intriguing to watch people fidgeting with head or face-wraps – it’s not only women that constantly rearrange their veils. I love the Tuareg use of wrapping to keep the sand out.

I did a series of monotype faces a while ago, and still have a couple left. They have collaged vellum and silk on top……so another tangent I could go back off on…

The bird-cage turban has been on my mind for a few days now – I just need to do it. It’s finding the press under all the grot, that’s the problem, as usual.  I need to remember  – IT IS NOT A SHELF !

Rummagers rule…….stocks replenished !

March 6, 2010

Yesterday we decided to go for a drive, and find a bit of countryside !  Well, we actually headed for a bit of

beach, about an hour south of Abu Dhabi, where the kite surfers go – there were 4 or 5 already there when we arrived, and 8 skimming the waves as we left. My main reason for going was to find more pieces of broken coral, that I have used in bracelets in the past. The large pile that I discovered previously had been distributed along the beach, but not a problem – I came away with a fabulous stash, and lots of stones with holes in (all stones with holes come from China, according to a documentary I saw once !)

I only have 2 of these Beachcomber bracelets left so they are on the to-do list……with everything else. Work is progressing very erratically at present, I still seem to be dabbling in too many different things. I shall concentrate on finishing the few items that need doing for a Craft Fair in two weeks time. So,  these bracelets and the brass bookmarks with charms dangling off….and I really need to print some etchings……and …..and…….. 

Story of my life.

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