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February 19, 2010

I have had a liking for painting turbans since I was first at art college, in Bombay. 1966. Well we just had to paint what was set up in the life room, and thinking back the first portrait of an Indian man I did was with a fez, not a turban. How weird, you dont see Indian chaps in fez’s now…or Egyptians…or Turks.  You DO see Moroccans though (and me, up the top !) This week I did a couple of portraits on old documents – one on an old  vellum house deed and the other on a map. Vellum is SO nice to paint on.

Turbans are like secret wrapped compartments on your head really – you could keep all sorts in there. I shall do one with a birdcage on.

I’ve always liked rendering folds of fabric, in pencil or paints, much more interesting than a cup or a teapot.

In fact I like all sorts of  ‘wrapped’ things – they wrap the palm trees in hessian when they transplant them – a gift for the gardens. The womens’ faces are wrapped here of course, and I did a series of 3D painted canvas reliefs, a couple of years ago, called Cadeaux.  You just see womens’ eyes, which is a clue to the beauty that’s hidden  inside the veil (or not, as the case may be !) It’s certainly important to have perfect make-up on , if that’s all that’s on show !

Went to see The Wolfman last night – Hammer House of Horror would have been proud of it. I used to go every week to see films like that, in Nottingham,  when I was a teenager. Anyway Art Malik played a Sikh servant, with a super turban and long grey beard. At some point he was sans head gear with the most amazing  grey hair right down his back, another time nicely done up in a little top-knot. He came to a very sticky end unfortunately, when the moon was full.


RUST RULES…..again

February 13, 2010

Today’s stash of rusty wire found en route to the supermarket is indeed worth writing about. It’s even worth a picture I’m so thrilled. There were heaps of it – and 2 wonderful wiggley swirly lots, which I shall print off. I have had an ongoing project on ‘growth/regeneration’ for some time, and the bendy wire will do just nicely, thankyou !