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Palms in the hand

January 30, 2010

                                   Spent 3 hours yesterday getting back to basics – if in doubt….. draw !!


Rust Rules !

January 29, 2010

Every time I go round to the nearest supermarket, 5 minutes walk, I pass a huge building site. Always, without fail, I  find something interesting and rusty enroute ! The wire ties that are supposed to anchor the metal fencing panels to the posts, are always rusting and breaking, and falling on the floor just waiting for me to come by.  I’ve made 3 little 2D birdcages , and they’re hanging on one my studio wall boards, before finding a permanent home in an assemblage. I sometimes find nice rusty washers which could be made into pendants one of these days.                                                                                Have had a frustrating few days really – 2 steps forward and at least 3 back.  Probably the usual trick of trying to do too many things at the same time and being a bit gungho without anticipating the outcome of certain experiments. Well , certainly learned a few things. Ended up going back to doing some palm tree drawings this morning – having destroyed a couple of watercolours earlier in the week, by wading in with heavy handed ink over the top, in a  flourish of bravado. That’ll teach me !  Mind you, I thought they were boring anyway so no loss to the art world .

Pools and reflections

January 18, 2010

Reflection - now turning into a 'life's work' so need to put it to one side for a while.

This was ‘Gloria’s pool’ that I did in Tangier, so you can see that the watery thing has in fact been bubbling under  the surface (ha ha) for a little while.

The label for the Rainbeaux necklaces was part of one of these. Recycling !

Water water everywhere

January 18, 2010

I like reflections – particularly in water. I havent done any watery pictures for ages, when I think that most of them were water, coral and fish when I lived in the West Indies.                So , got out the watercolour paints to do some studies and have a bit of a play, on reflections.   Had forgotten just how exciting and random watercolours can be !

Time-consuming though.

Things dont look right if you dry the surface with a hairdryer – so I have to keep going off and having another cup of coffee, while the paint dries. It will be interesting to see how large oils on canvas translate from the small w/col studies.

January 12, 2010


We had a super snowy time in the UK and are back  in Abu Dhabi – renewed and revitalised, and ready to get on with some work.

Possible move to Qatar reared its head a day or so ago, but after research on the net we very quickly decided ‘No’ . Looking at Google Earth it appears to be like Jubail, Saudi, was when we went there 30 years ago ! Vast open spaces of sand and compound-housing. Forget it, been there, done that.   Definitely not looking for a new, pioneering,  lifestyle this late in life. 

Starting to plan for Chelsea Untitled Artists fair, beginning of June.

Nothing else on the calendar apart from that, but things change here pretty swiftly, everything seems to be done at the last minute.

 Why dont  people plan ahead ?