Well, to say I’ve been busy would be the understatement of the decade.  Sold a couple of works at the Gwynfa Gallery show, covered costs but not a rip roaring success. I forgot to mention that I quit the Fanaan group, after the October show. Some of them self-serving people who arent even friendly – life is competitive enough so why on earth would I want to hang out with them ?  I dont need that nonsense in my life. So I am Fanaan-free and it’s a relief !

It is now the season of Bazaars – and the world and his daft dog are jumping on the bandwagon with last minute plans. The municipality even announced, last night, they are looking for ‘talented artists’ for a big Art-Souk/Festival to take place along the other end of the corniche – wait for it…..starting today…..until January 2nd. What ? I dont think so.

Actually I’ve been having a very ‘crafty’ couple of weeks – made 12 Curio Keys, with their colourful threads, beads  and charms hanging off. While all the ‘stuff’ was out on view I decided to make some necklaces with a similar feel. The palm of my hand hurts now though, from the little pliers, with squeezing the jump rings together. I have used some of the rolled silk beads I made, ages ago ( not my idea I hasten to add – from an old Stampington Workshop magazine I think.) 

I wrap wire around them attaching small beads as I go.

Rolled silk tubes awaiting decoration

 Lot of work really, as I dye the silk too. Anyone would think I’d got all the time in the world !   

The necklaces are made up with felt beads, semi-precious stones, handmade glass beads, sections of vintage necklaces or chains etc – a great way of incorpoating one-offs.

Three made so far......... and I love them !


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