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……ready or not…here they come….

November 30, 2009

I’ve made eleven of them now…it’s quite hard to stop.

I organise the beads into colours, find a few interesting odd bits to go with them, rummage for a few more beads, then link them together with wires….but there are always some left over……so I then add a few more beads, in a different colour-way, link them together etc…but there are always a few left over…………………………conspiring against me, obviously.

I’m going to do some necklaces using ALL rusty objects.



November 26, 2009

Well, to say I’ve been busy would be the understatement of the decade.  Sold a couple of works at the Gwynfa Gallery show, covered costs but not a rip roaring success. I forgot to mention that I quit the Fanaan group, after the October show. Some of them self-serving people who arent even friendly – life is competitive enough so why on earth would I want to hang out with them ?  I dont need that nonsense in my life. So I am Fanaan-free and it’s a relief !

It is now the season of Bazaars – and the world and his daft dog are jumping on the bandwagon with last minute plans. The municipality even announced, last night, they are looking for ‘talented artists’ for a big Art-Souk/Festival to take place along the other end of the corniche – wait for it…..starting today…..until January 2nd. What ? I dont think so.

Actually I’ve been having a very ‘crafty’ couple of weeks – made 12 Curio Keys, with their colourful threads, beads  and charms hanging off. While all the ‘stuff’ was out on view I decided to make some necklaces with a similar feel. The palm of my hand hurts now though, from the little pliers, with squeezing the jump rings together. I have used some of the rolled silk beads I made, ages ago ( not my idea I hasten to add – from an old Stampington Workshop magazine I think.) 

I wrap wire around them attaching small beads as I go.

Rolled silk tubes awaiting decoration

 Lot of work really, as I dye the silk too. Anyone would think I’d got all the time in the world !   

The necklaces are made up with felt beads, semi-precious stones, handmade glass beads, sections of vintage necklaces or chains etc – a great way of incorpoating one-offs.

Three made so far......... and I love them !

more flat birds

November 1, 2009

3 flat birdsI have found 3 flat occupants for the empty birdcage, seeing as they were homeless.

Work has been delivered to the Gwynfa Gallery for the opening reception on thursday. Judy Roberts brings hers down from Dubai tomorrow, then the difficult bit begins, hanging it. We should have close to 60 pieces in total, which will make for a real ‘souk’ feel.

Abu Dhabi’s first F1 event came to a close this evening, went to one of the practice days earlier in the week…….and last night we rocked on the beach to the Wailers. Terrific atmosphere – well done Abu Dhabi !