Goosebumps serendipity

The Fanaan group show, on the theme Foreign, was a great success – about 100 + people came on the opening night and more straggled in over the weekend.Foreign Service Mixed media I sold two of my mixed media works, including Foreign Service (right) which seems to have been destined to go to the couple who bought it. I was explaining the ‘story’ behind the piece to the wife – how the chap is just off to do his national service, tattooed arms to remind him of home etc, receipt for his uniform collaged in the background. His father, also a soldier, watching over his left shoulder. She said ‘he looks unsure and hesitant’ , ‘Yes, but he will come back’ was my throwaway reply. I later spoke to the husband, who explained that the figure reminds them of his nephew – about to go and fight in Afghanistan.  Goosebumps.


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