Monotype drawing

monotype drawing  still life place collage piecesAfter doing a couple of continuous-line drawings,  last thursday with the other members of Abu Dhabi Artists (the drawing group now expanded to FIVE !) I was all enthused when I got home. I decided to do some more monotype drawing still lifes, like the ones I did in Tanger, but didnt have time until yesterday, and didnt have the right paper. First I needed to position some collage papers,as chine colle,  that the monotype would go over the top of monotype drawing on top of collage. I havent got a light box, but the french window against a bright UAE sky is just as good. Rolled up a film of bistre etching ink onto a sheet of mylar plastic, placed the collaged cartridge paper face-down on top (carefully secured with tape to the table)and drew the still life on the back. Voila ! Hinged along the top edge with masking tape , you can easily lift it up to see how the ink is transferring, it’s magic. As a printmaker I am now quite accustomed to doing things in reverse – even writing is getting easier. I then printed areas of blue and burnt sienna, and that’s a far as I’ve got. I think it needs a lot more so might add paint  Monotype drawing still life, detailtoo. I really could do with a whole uninterrupted day to just get on, I still havent done a finished ‘free as’  birds and cage print. My ‘to do ‘ list just gets longer and longer.


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