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Goosebumps serendipity

October 25, 2009

The Fanaan group show, on the theme Foreign, was a great success – about 100 + people came on the opening night and more straggled in over the weekend.Foreign Service Mixed media I sold two of my mixed media works, including Foreign Service (right) which seems to have been destined to go to the couple who bought it. I was explaining the ‘story’ behind the piece to the wife – how the chap is just off to do his national service, tattooed arms to remind him of home etc, receipt for his uniform collaged in the background. His father, also a soldier, watching over his left shoulder. She said ‘he looks unsure and hesitant’ , ‘Yes, but he will come back’ was my throwaway reply. I later spoke to the husband, who explained that the figure reminds them of his nephew – about to go and fight in Afghanistan.  Goosebumps.


Monotype drawing

October 13, 2009

monotype drawing  still life place collage piecesAfter doing a couple of continuous-line drawings,  last thursday with the other members of Abu Dhabi Artists (the drawing group now expanded to FIVE !) I was all enthused when I got home. I decided to do some more monotype drawing still lifes, like the ones I did in Tanger, but didnt have time until yesterday, and didnt have the right paper. First I needed to position some collage papers,as chine colle,  that the monotype would go over the top of monotype drawing on top of collage. I havent got a light box, but the french window against a bright UAE sky is just as good. Rolled up a film of bistre etching ink onto a sheet of mylar plastic, placed the collaged cartridge paper face-down on top (carefully secured with tape to the table)and drew the still life on the back. Voila ! Hinged along the top edge with masking tape , you can easily lift it up to see how the ink is transferring, it’s magic. As a printmaker I am now quite accustomed to doing things in reverse – even writing is getting easier. I then printed areas of blue and burnt sienna, and that’s a far as I’ve got. I think it needs a lot more so might add paint  Monotype drawing still life, detailtoo. I really could do with a whole uninterrupted day to just get on, I still havent done a finished ‘free as’  birds and cage print. My ‘to do ‘ list just gets longer and longer.

Flying visits

October 8, 2009

Dont seem to have done much work this week, time has been frittered away on chores and errands. Non-productive necessities I suppose. I am still getting side-tracked along the birds theme.  We have a stone birdbath on the balcony, which was a gift from friends in Dubai, and it attracts neighbouring feathered friends – uncluding minah birds which aredetail from Foreign Species messy devils unfortunately. There’s a one-legged dove that returns, but has trouble perching on the balustrade so it has to slump down on its chest. Quite clever really.

This is a detail from Foreign Species which is going in the forthcoming Fanaan show – only about 2 weeks to go. It’s painted on an old vellum house deed, which is fabulous to work on. I bought a pile of them at a fleamarket in the UK a few years ago, a very good buy as it happens. They seem to be pretty expensive these days. I still miss Casabarata  market in Tangier.

Breathtaking horsemen

October 3, 2009

Yesterday we went to the ‘Musical Ride’ of the Household Cavalry, put on as part of the Hunting & Falconry show at the exhibition centre. The organisation was faultless, the show was exciting, dramatic, and breathtakingly wonderful……and it made me cry. The stirring music and sight of those superb horsement from home, was just too much ! At the very end, after the main finale of the troop marching off, two pairs of riders with giant standards – one Union Jack and one UAE  flag – raced off at breakneck speed.  Just marvellous.