importance of old work

sept.26 '09 (2)  Having returned from a week’s flying visit to UK, I now find my studio is almost impassable. Time for a tidy up and a clear out. I try and be restrained but when the work impulse is in full swing I havent the time to be tidy and methodical, or put things away as I go. Perhaps I should try.

The good thing about having a rummage, under all the layers of grot, is that I come across things I’d forgotten – things put in a safe place never to be seen again !  All very inspirational. I would have liked to investigate old work in the UK, while we were there, but the bathroom was being changed and I couldnt get to the relevant cupboards.

It is so important to keep old work – at present I find I am recycling actual drawings and paintings, not just the ideas. When something is 30 or 40 years old you can be less precious about it ,but see the reason why it was kept in the first place.


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