Cages and birds

Serendipity is a marvellous thing – the ‘bird’ thing began with a find in the carpark, about 6 months ago. I came across a perfectly dried, unfortunately also perfectly flat, bird. I brought it home and hung it in a cellophane bag on my studio board.Flat Bird memorial  oil and mixed media  on board A couple of months ago I did a painting of it, called  Flat Bird Memorial. It also was sparked off by a theme that I have been working on, for the next Fanaan group show – Foreign. I  featured birds in a couple of mixed media works, to do with ‘Foreign species’. Then that went off at a bit of a tangent to birdcages. I have some photos of beautiful old wooden cages, owned by a friend of mine in Tangier.

I did some drawings, cut a large shapely cage into a lino block and cut 5 bird silhouette blocks .  bird blocksNow comes the serendipity again – working in the Thrift shop, the other week, sitting on top of a donation bag was a beautiful small green birdcage – destined for me , obviously ! I have only just started printing the cage and the bird shapes, but am already inspired to go off on more tangents.  Love that poem by Maya Angelou ‘I know why the caged bird sings’.


2 Responses to “Cages and birds”

  1. Noreen Stoker Says:

    Good to see the finished work at the exhibition this afternoon.
    You must feel a great sence of achievement when you finally hang one of your pictures

  2. kirstyfliesfree Says:

    I have been brought to your lovely blog through serendipity – more specifically because we both used the word in our title.
    I love your drawing and the story that goes with it. I look forward to seeing how your project progresses!

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