FLOURISH – Chelsea Fringe

April 7, 2017


I have had a very busy few months. Not only doing my own new work  but organising the exhibition that will show it, and 17 other artists’ works, in the Chelsea Fringe Festival exhibition at Espacio Gallery, Bethnal Green . ‘FLOURISH’ will be our 5th annual exhibition on the Fringe trail, and I am looking forward to seeing the other selected works in the flesh.                                                                                         I have done another couple of painted canvas reliefs, to add  to the 2 I did 2014.


Artist of the Year Award

December 24, 2016

I am thrilled to report that I have been shortlisted (one of 50) for the Artists & Illustrators magazine ‘Artist of the Year’ award !! All 50 pictures shortlisted will be exhibited at the mall Galleries 23rd-28th Jan.2017.Please vote for mine

 ‘NO CAKES’. http://www.artistsandillustrators.co.uk/shortlist2017

No cakes

Continuing sprouts

October 17, 2016

img_2850a   divergence  4-encroaching-vines-aug-20161-windy-day

Busy getting work framed up for the Espacio Print Fair 2016 just a couple of weeks away. At the same time (2nd-6th Nov) I will also have 5 pieces in  Flux 3, at Old Truman Brewery – in nearby Brick Lane, really excited about that. So….I am still printing and cutting the sprout-shapes……in fact I might just do another one !

Gardens of delight

June 14, 2016

IMG_0062a      IMG_0003a

Been on a bit of a roll again, doing garden-related lino prints and monotype papercuts, again.

It’s so nice when a theme takes me over.

monotype papercut UNDERGROWTH low res

One bit feeds into the next, which sparks off further experiments. That’s what it’s all about. If everyone just played safe, and did what we know we CAN do – no new discoveries would ever be made.


New pets ? !

August 13, 2015

IMG_8406 final low


I have been drawing and photographing sprouting potatoes for some time – they are like little animals that come to live, and grow, in the vegetable rack ! So last week I did a 4 colour reduction lino print of the sprouts.

Nature monoprints

July 22, 2015

Another few days of mono printing from dried flowers and leaves . It is always an exciting surprise just how photographic some of the images turn out.                                                                                                                                                  IMG_7858 2  IMG_7685  Nature print 2

Springing into spring !

March 10, 2015

Several requirements for small/mini prints set me off carving lino blocks again last month – one went in the post today to the 14th Lessedra World Print Art Annual, Sofia, Bulgaria. I also had to get together a portfolio to submit to the RE at Bankside, which required half a dozen drawings in addition to prints.

Somehow I began drawing Magnolia blossoms & buds, unfurling ferns (again)……………………………………and sprouting potatoes !  . Magnolia reduction lino print 1   ???????????????????????????????

I then began interpreting the images using cut up maps as collage (for an exhibition called Reuse Refuse) Again, like the bees, things are taking on a life of their own, and it’s just what I love about this job ! It’s called inspiration, and no one knows where it will go next.

IMG_6299 1           Magnolia Blossoms mixed media low

TREE FERN  1            Sprouts finished low

Inspiration – again !

November 28, 2014

So much for writing every 2 weeks eh ! But work seems to take a back seat at this time of year….shopping, eating, visiting friends and family….all more important ! The article that’s going to be in Dec/Jan. edition of Cloth , Paper, Scissors is called ‘When inspiration strikes’ – and it really does surpise and cheer me when that happens, and it frequently does (fortunately).

13 IMG_5915 low     10 IMG_5912 low     12 IMG_5914 low

I’m still cutting curling/entwined shapes – as featured in the watery prints – and couldn’t help interlacing and curling these together, which sparked off even more thoughts for prints….and sculptures. Could also have something to do with a visit on wednesday to the Allen Jones exhibition at the RA, and seeing his cutout figure sculptures. I loved the little maquettes.


August 30, 2014

Water Gelli prints Aug 2014 low

I have decided to try and write something on this blog every 2 weeks – so here I am ! A quick update on the ‘Bees’ that took over a couple of weeks ago – I wrote an article for a well-known U.S. magazine, which will be published in their Jan/Feb edition. More news on that nearer the time.


Another spate of new works, on a watery theme, for the Espacio Gallery Wind, Wood & Water exhibition, Sept.4th-9th.

1 Drift low


These are all monotype prints, from collagraph plates, or simply hand drawn onto Gelli plates.


Wave low10 Ripple low

Busy Bee

August 16, 2014

???????????????????????????????  Workers low

IMG_4538 2    Bee printing equip


I have had a thoroughly enjoyable and rewarding couple of weeks, printing and collaging bees & honeycombs. All kicked off by a small hexagonal rubber that I used to print with bleach onto ink. Magic !  Then came some rubber-stamped bees….and that was it. hooked ! I ended up cutting 3 different bee  lino blocks,  2 flat honeycombs and a negative honeycomb on a rolling pin to give a continuous repeat.  And it does !! (good ol’ Goldsmiths training proving useful again, after almost 40 years !) Some of these will be shown in the Espacio Gallery Original Print Fair, Bethnal Green , London – October 2nd-14th.